In today’s scenario, a company, a brand, a business or any service can’t survive without a strong digital marketing plan. For organizations that still believe that customer relationship ends at the sales table, it’s time for you to look up and look around! Digital presence ensures a fast, effective, continuous and a two - way interaction for both the parties. Hence, its popularity is here to stay.  

Although the Healthcare Industry has always been technically advanced in terms of medical equipments and practice, it was always away from the concept of marketing or branding. However, the digital wave has completely disrupted the age old practices and transformed the present scenario.

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The acceptance of digitization in the healthcare industry has been positive and widespread. For those willing to reach out and take hold of these opportunities, the rewards can be massive. It all begins with understanding how the public acts when looking for healthcare products or services. A brand is one step closer to growing its business, once it has an idea of how its consumers think and act. 

6 Strategies that are going to keep your Digital Healthcare Marketing Game on Top are

Local Search - A healthcare marketer should promote local search when taking the digital marketing route in 2017-2018, ‘near me’ queries on search engines had seen a dramatic rise and it continues to grow exponentially. 

Influencer Marketing - Influencers, unlike celebrities, can be anywhere. They can be anyone. Their large followings on the web and social media make them influential in the digital world. The secret to make Influencer Marketing work the trick for you is to be honest and transport about the communication you want the Influencer to establish with your audience. If dealt right, duo can create great campaign and stories to tell for times to come. 

SEO is still ‘on the rise - From website to blogs to video content, SEO is everywhere. Using it effectively is of utmost importance. 

Voice Search - Smart speakers and voice search are growing in importance so being able to optimize for voice search will be key to maximize the marketing and advertising opportunities on Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc.

Video Marketing - Video Marketing matters because it makes it easy for the audience to absorb information. Interactive videos will become more popular. 

IGTV - 2020 is going to be a big year for Instagram, and it’s definitely ti`me for your business to be on the platform if it isn’t already. The Instagram feature “IGTV’ helps you upload videos that are longer than a minute. This means one can provide more informative, interesting and educational content in a long-form post.

There you have it!

Six brand new digital marketing predictions for the healthcare industry. So which of these trends (or others) are you excited to try out in 2020? There is no shortage of options—combinations of strategies and tactics are next to endless.

Whether you are going to dive into influencer marketing or focus on IGTV our team of experts from Plus Promo is available to help. 

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