We are a versatile traffic pulling Healthcare digital marketing agency.


Welcome to the world of digitalization. Welcome to the competitive world of Healthcare. Let’s entwine the two worlds together to reach a wider audience with the changing trend of Healthcare Digital marketing.

A veteran doctor, a trustworthy hospital, a reliable pharmacist, a treatment worthy clinic, or a medical laboratory; all need a platform to promote their services to bring in ample patient footfall. In the era of the internet, the best option to reach to millions of users simultaneously is Healthcare Digital marketing.

Today, every single patient wants to meet the reputation of their doctor or the hospitals on the internet before meeting or visiting them physically. This is where is crucial. We help you to build your digital healthcare journey and establish a reputed platform for the patients to halt there. We are creative enough to stand and build your online medical reputation to isolate and market your brand and services as uniquely inviting.

Here, take a glance at some of the healthcare digital marketing statistics. Do you know?


  • The areas of healthcare marketing that saw the largest budget increase in 2016 were all digital.

  • 73% of the consumers use search engines to research for their respective treatment.

  • 83% of patients visit a hospital website before booking an appointment.

How we make you, digitally powerful with healthcare marketing?


Landing patients on your website- Search Engine optimization


  • From landing strangers on your website to directing them to your health care services; we build organic traffic to your healthcare world.

  • We help you rank higher among the top contenders by optimizing our SEO based on statistics, logic, and target audience’s requisites.

  • SEO optimized practices, engaging content, and interactive branding help us to segregate you from the other digital healthcare services.

  • Plus Promo will help you create a cross-channel marketing strategy to reach out to the wider demography of the patients.

Introducing your medical health care services to the masses- Social Media Marketing


  • We target the emotions of the patients creatively to chalk out our social media campaigns. This enables us to market your services and your brand successfully popular over different internet channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Adgebra, Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

  • Our advertising, branding and marketing team consists of analysts, writer, doctors, digital marketers, graphic designers, Video creators, and health care experts. This team in joint collaboration performs the social media branding of your medical services in the form of print ads, multilingual ads, TV and radio commercials, video content, engaging blogs, outdoor media advertising, healthcare awareness videos, news bytes, press releases, e-mailers etc.

Dual responsive campaigns- Interactive Branding & Website development


  • Every patient’s crucial requirement is satisfied when he/she is given ample attention and personalized treatment in terms of healthcare services. We take advantage of this crucial healthcare fact to popularize your brand by making our ads and campaigns with an individual flavor.

  • We help you to develop your website which is the face of your services and brand, with an SEO optimized customer friendly appeal. There will be separate forms and query options wherein a patient or a newcomer can completely get satisfied with asking all types of queries and information before an appointment, or during and after the treatment.

Every click gets you a visitor- Pay per click advertising


  • An up-to-date, authoritative website helps you get visitors by clicking through the promotional ads to your website. Plus Promo masters the art and helps you get the clicks.

  • We invest sufficient time in exploring the search vocabulary of the patients to improve your PPC keywords list.

  • We attract the visitors by designing creative and compelling call-to-action PPC ad campaigns related to your target market.

We are providing our sample services as the first step to increasing your patient’s footfall. Call us +91 7506-22-1809 to get started with attracting patients online absouletly free with PlusPromo’s rewarding healthcare digital marketing taster.