The world has changed and technology has advanced drastically. All of us live in the era of ‘Apps’, including the doctors. Doctors as it needs to manage their daily lives seamlessly to accommodate a whole list of activities day on day  – from visiting clinics, operating patients, keeping track of new treatments and medicines available in the industry and much more.

So, if they use these apps to make things relatively easy then they should. Luckily, a lot new apps have been launched lately, which are relatively easy to understand and operate and hence not a time taking task. 

Let’s quickly understand how these Apps can help us in making a Physicians’ life simpler.

The reasons can be specified to three main points:

Accuracy – of course, accuracy is the biggest concern with doctors. and hence these apps enable us to reduce the paperwork and record everything digitally thus avoiding any confusion, missing out on past records, or omitting any vital information that may be crucial for a diagnosis.

efficiency – the time is everything in the healthcare field. if a doctor can save up to 5 minutes with every patient visiting him, he can accommodate more patients per day thus reducing the stress for them also to wait for long hours outside the clinic or days to get an appointment.

convenience – perhaps the greatest benefit these apps offer is convenience and that they are pretty simple to use. they don’t have to dig into big files to access data. it is either available to them with a swipe of their hand or a tap on their phone.

With these three advantages in mind, let’s list down Healthcare Applications that are being widely used by the Physicians of our country:

1. Epocrates:

is a subscription based ‘Clinical Support Tool’, that has many useful features which can be accessed by the doctors on their laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The app includes an array of features that make Epocrates one of the best healthcare apps for doctors. Symptom Checker, Disease Database, Clinical Guidelines, Medication Database, Drug References, and Medicine Specific Calculator, are few amongst many others.

2. Medscape News:

As the name suggests, this App is a complete glossary for doctors. It is more than just keeping them updated with latest news and information that is doing the rounds of the healthcare industry. With its aim to improve patient care with comprehensive clinical information and resources essential to doctors and healthcare professionals, the app is a must have on any physicians list of tools.

3. Visual DX:

Visual DX is all about images. With 90,000 images featuring all kinds of medical conditions, this app will help you understand all kinds of skin diseases and skin types. It is helpful both for diagnosing patients as well as for choosing the best course of treatment.

4. Practo:

For millions of people, Practo is a complete guide to find the right doctor, diagnostic centre or healthcare facility near them, storing medical records or to learn new ways to take good care of themselves and their families. As a result, Physicians and Healthcare Professionals can harness the power of this platform and create a strong presence amongst its target audience. 

5. PlusPromo:

A recent App which has been making waves in the Indian healthcare industry is PlusPromo. It is a great platform for doctors to engage in social networking not only within the fraternity but also with the outside world. It gives them easy access to bust any myth regarding any disease or treatment across social media applications. Market Research, Setting of Health Camps, and Social Networking are a few of the tools that can be used with great ease through this Application.

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