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Healthcare Marketing
Today’s patients need a complete disease understanding not just the treatment, many of us don’t realize the fact and tend to avoid that. This is amongst the biggest patients expectation and shifting needs in today’s digital age. Many patients openly express it and ask to the doctors about various aspects of their disease while various hesitate and do not ask about.
Sometimes, in lack of consultation time, physician could not spend good time with every patient. That creates a gap and leads to patient’s dissatisfaction. To avoid that, clinics can use the digital medium to reach out to the patients in mass and address their needs.
We at PlusPromo provide a 360 degree digital media and reputation management solutions to healthcare industry which not only help to enhance the patient’s trust but also increase the overall patient’s footfall.  
PlusPromo offers a comprehensive solution to all healthcare marketing needs which includes:
  • Clinic own one online representative, who is interacting all the time with patients and helping them all the time with information
  • Increased Visibility – Prominent digital media presence with comprehensive solution
  • Better patient treatment outcome – Well planned patients adhere to the treatment
  • Better Doctor-Patients interactions – Through digital channels
  • Branding/Rebranding of clinic and hospital
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